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    • Whole body vibration for older persons: an open randomized, multicentre, parallel, clinical trial 

      Sitjà i Rabert, Mercè; Martínez Zapata, Mª José; Fort Vanmeerhaeghe, Azahara; Rey Abella, Ferran; Romero Rodríguez, Daniel; Bonfill, X. (Xavier) (BMC Geriatrics, 2011, vol. 11, núm. 89, 2011-12)
      Background Institutionalized older persons have a poor functional capacity. Including physical exercise in their routine activities decreases their frailty and improves their quality of life. Whole-body ...
    • Whole‐body vibration training for patients with neurodegenerative disease 

      Sitjà i Rabert, Mercè; Rigau Comas, David; Fort Vanmeerhaeghe, Azahara; Santoyo Medina, Carmen; Roqué i Figuls, Lluís; Romero Rodríguez, Daniel; Bonfill, X. (Xavier) (Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2012, Issue 2, Art. No.: CD009097, 2012-02)
      Background Whole‐body vibration (WBV) may be a complementary training to standard physical rehabilitation programmes and appears to have potential benefits in the sensorimotor system performance of ...
    • Women’s agenda for the improvement of childbirth care: Evaluation of the Babies Born Better survey data set in Spain 

      Benet, Marta; Escuriet Peiró, Ramon; Palomar-Ruiz, Laura; Ruiz-Berdún, Dolores; Leon-Larios, Fatima (Birth, 2020, 47:365–377, 2020-09-27)
      Background Public patient involvement (PPI) generates knowledge about the health-illness process through the incorporation of people's experiences and priorities. The Babies Born Better (BBB) survey ...