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  • Learning loss One Year After School Closures 

    Arenas, Andreu; Gortazar, Lucas (Esade Working Paper, 2022-03-01)
    We use census data on external assessments in primary and secondary school in the Basque Country (Spain) to estimate learning losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2021, one year after school ...
  • Atlas Copco: from selling compressors to providing compressed airs as a service 

    Visnjic, Ivanka; Leten, Ronnie (2021-02-16)
    The Atlas Copco Group is a world leader when it comes to providing industrial productivity solutions. For over a century, the group has maintained its leadership position by designing and offering ...
  • Data sharing practice in Big Data ecosystems 

    Pujol Priego, Laia; Osimo, David; Wareham, Jonathan (2019-03)
    Big data has gained popularity in recent years both in industry and academia given actual and potential impact on contemporary business organizations. The combination of datasets, both internal and ...
  • Obsessed with time? White rabbit at CERN 

    Pujol Priego, Laia; Wareham, Jonathan (ESADE, 2019-03)
    To conduct research in fundamental science, big-science research infrastructures develop some of the most sophisticated technologies in existence. As such, mechanisms that can facilitate the transfer ...
  • Systematising serendipity for big science infrastructures: the ATTRACT project 

    Wareham, Jonathan; Pujol Priego, Laia; Nordberg, Markus; Garcia Tello, Pablo (2019-03)
    The potential of big science research infrastructures to make contributions far beyond their scientific purview has long been acknowledged. However, less consensus exists about the specific mechanisms ...