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    • Food aid in Europe in times of the COVID-19 crisis An international survey project 

      Greiss, Johanna; Schoneville, Holger; Adomavičienė, Aistė; Baltutė, Rimgailė; Bernát, Anikó; Carrillo Álvarez, Elena; Delanghe, Heleen; Goderis, Benedikt; Hermans, Karen; van der Horst, Hilje; Michoń, Piotr; Leite de Freitas Pereira, Elvira Sofia; Correia Pereirinha, José António; Cantillon, Bea (2022-09)
      Food aid has become an integral part of welfare states across Europe, which was particularly striking during the socio-economic COVID-19 crisis. So far, however, there has been little cross-national ...
    • Towards cross-country comparable reference budgets in Europe: a methodological note on the development of food baskets 

      Carrillo Álvarez, Elena; Muñoz-Martínez, Júlia; Cussó Parcerisas, Irene; Cornelis, Ilse; Delanghe, Heleen; Frederickx, Marieke; Penne, Tess; Storms, Bérénice (2023-01)
      An adequate minimum income is imperative for the fight against poverty and for the realization of human rights (Cantillon et al., 2019; Van Lancker et al., 2020). A safety net that secures a decent ...